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Defining Acne

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Acne is a dreaded skin problem that provokes the formation of comdones or blackheads all over the face. It sometimes also extends to the nearby regions – i.e. neck, chest and back. This manifestation is most commonly seen in just-post-puberty people. Sometimes, acne also affects women just before their cycle commences.

Acne is classified into three major sub-conditions – (i) mild, (ii) moderate and (iii) severe.

(i) Mild acne – this is characterized by simple comdones or blackheads all over the face. Though they look terrible, there is not much harm done when one is affected by this condition of acne. For treatment, doctors normally advise topical application of anti-bacterial drugs, mostly third generation retinoids. Previously, simple mind antibiotics would have suffice; however, owing to the fact that bacteria has built up resistance against most drugs, third generation ammunition is used – even against mild acne.

(ii) Moderate acne – In moderate acne, the blackheads break the walls of the hair follicle where they are situated and provoke the body to react to it. In this way pus filled pustules are formed which besides looking ungainly, are painful as well. There are many courses of treatment for this condition, the most common of which is a systemic drug therapy. This would arrest the spread of the acne and check the inflammatory reaction of the body. Regular strength antibiotics such as tetracycline are recommended here. This treatment is complemented by retinoids (taken orally) as well as hormone therapy.

(iii) Severe acne – when the acne is severe, the infection area is large and there is scope for scarring. When this condition occurs the pustules are large and ugly. They spread uncontrollably all over the face and often even spread to the neck and back. They are painful and extremely unaesthetic. Treatment for this condition aims first to stop the spread and secondly to prevent scarring. The most common treatment for this condition is with isotretinoin which most often controls the acne immediately. Even though this drug has he potential of many side-effects, it is used because it is highly efficient in treating this condition.

Why is acne so harmful?

As mentioned above, acne occurs in young people, at an age when they like to make an impression on the opposite sex and this condition heavily interferes with this plan. At this stage, the acne not only looks bad, it is also quite painful. When it is limited to blackheads and can be treated easily, it does not leave a too heavy impact on the mind. However, when the acne manifests itself in moderate or severe conditions, then it is most often than not accompanied with severe depression.

Unfortunately, the real cause for acne has not yet been identified, though a few factors that aggravate the condition have been identified. It is believed that hormones – which by the way come into their own at puberty time – play a very important role in the increase of sebum production which is the root cause for acne formation. In some measure, genetics and androgens play an important role in the formation of the acne as well.